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Connall De Silva


This project was conducted in collaboration between Connall De Silva, Eada Hsu, Yelim Kim, Julia Rinaldi. The scope of the project was to gather first and second hand research around the topic of mealtime and develop a physical product base off of our research. 


Research: Connall De Silva, Eada Hsu, Yelim Kim, Julia Rinaldi

Initial game table idea: Yelim Lim

Concept, 3D and Technical design: Connall De Silva

Table top fabrication: Connall De Silva, Julia Rinaldi

Card research, design & fabrication: Eada Hsu, Yelim Kim

Problem Statement

Individuals between the ages of 45-65 experience multiple hidden challenges when conducting mealtime. As we collected, one main insight that draws attention is their desire to maintain social gatherings with their loved ones. While in the market regarding to mealtime, majority products or services do not target the emotional and mental wellbeing of this age demographic. Adults from 45-65 sometimes are stuck in the same routine when conducting mealtime, to some extent creates lack of motivation to conduct meals regularly throughout the day. Which in the findings we see many individuals seek more social gatherings to break the "routine-ness" of their dining experience. To get a deeper understanding of one's challenges, we require more in depth secondary and primary research of this target audience to better frame their preference and needs.

Key Insights

Social Aspect of Mealtime 

"It's good to have everyone around the table. I’m glad we get to spend the time talking together.”

Positive Emotional Impact on Mealtime with Family

"I'm happy for the whole family to get together and share delicious food, and it makes me joyful for the family to eat what I've cooked. I think there is a big emotional difference between cooking for my family and cooking for myself.”

Deciding what to Cook for a Family Meal Becomes Stressful Sometimes

"I can pick anything when I prepare a meal by myself, but considering meals for larger group makes me feels a bit challenging sometimes.”

Looking Forward to Large Family Events

"I very much look forward to large family events, and I feel excited when my relatives and extended family gather to talk together. We reminisce about old memories while playing games or enjoy meals as a big family.”

Cleanup feels bothersome after mealtime with family

"When dining with my family, I find that I pay more attention to the menu and the preferences of my children compared to when I eat alone which requires me to take care both cooking and the increased dishwashing afterward, making cleanup sometimes burdensome.”

How Might We.....

Enhance the overall experience of group dining, while simultaneously fostering closer connections among 45-65 years old individuals and their loved ones through the shared medium of food?

Value Proposition Goals


1. Create engagement with multiple people

2. Integrate mealtime into the experience

3. A game or have structure

4. That goes well with the dining area


1. Bring families / friends together through this shared activity

2. Be easy to use and understand for people of different generations

3. Incorporate physicals tangible items


1. End at any point without a negative impact on the experience

2. Can be used with children or with friends without children

3. Educational style narrative

Value Proposition

Providing stability through a fixed main dish while enhancing the dining experience with diverse and convenient side dish sharing, our value proposition also promotes social connection by fostering conversations through simple games.

Simplify cleanup in large gatherings: Share side dishes effortlessly, no need for separate plates with our spinning table. More time to enjoy moments, less time cleaning up.  

A narrative that seamlessly combines meals and games around conversation at mealtimes to create a pleasant atmosphere and bond as a whole with less cleaning time.

Product Development

Concept sketches

Initial idea created by Yelin kim

Orthographic Drawing

Design and model created by Connall De Silva

Table Talk Top Surface

Table Talk Cardholder

Table Talk Base 

3D Modeling

Designated Spot for Main dishes 

Space to prevent spilling main dishes (ex. soup) when rotating tabletop

Clear Top Section for Card Visibility

The top part transparent for the cards to be visible

Secure Card Placement

Designed slot to prevent cards from falling/sliding

Place for Side Dishes/Shared Food

Spinning part to pick desired food

Working Prototype