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Connall De Silva


Recreate the DC-15 Blaster Pistol from Star Wars Republic Commando as a prop for a costume. This prop will be made out of foam to be allowed into conventions.

Design Process

Template Creation

Outline main sections from a reference image. Each section will be its own piece once transferred to foam

Rearrange the main shapes to be easily cut once printed on paper.


Foam Smithing

Trace the cut out paper templates onto EVA foam, using toilet paper and paper towel roll for the cylinders. Once all the parts are traced glue together with contact cement. Carve details into the foam with a soldering iron.


Base coat in black with Plasti-dip to water proof the foam. Acrylic paint is used to add the metallic silver and copper colour as well as all the other non black parts. Brown and silver acrylic paint is applied in various areas to show weathering and use. Finally spray a clear coat overtop the entire model to seal the paint.

Final Piece