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Connall De Silva


A small trinket set made for an alternate reality where people live in an underground society. Worn by kids to light up the dark with a game of enhanced hide and seek. To be also used to find users lost in caverns and cave-ins.

Design Process

Design Concept

First Design

The initial sketches shows a rough idea of wrist bands outward appearance mimicking the look of a wrist watch. The transmitter is a small remote with all but one button removed and encased in fabric. The receiver is a similar concept replacing the remote with a LilPad and infrared receiver on top.

Circuit Design

Breadboard Prototype

This prototype uses an infrared receiving sensor as a switch for LEDs. Originally LEDs would only be triggered by a specific IR frequency from a small remote. This was later changed to receive any IR signal as the Arduino could not identify different frequencies.


Arduino code

Simple breakdown of the code: if the IR receiver receives a signal do a function. Function will turn on the lights while calling another functions that will determine brightness. this is done to keep the code organized.

Final Prototype