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Connall De Silva


This wearable tracks how many breaths you take in one minute and display to your phone. This is perfect runners that are trying to improve their respiratory rate and to maintain a constant breathing pattern.


Design Concept

First Design

The design at first was to combine the long sleeve and sleeveless tops into one. This will give a unique visual ascetic as well as versatility. There will be three sensors which are conductive rubber would be hidden under the gray stripes on the chest / stomach area. This is for more accurate and consistent results.

Final Design

The final design is slightly different from the original design. The colours are inverted and the claw marks are gone. Instead the black patch is there to cover up all the electronics and a short sleeve is added.

Circuit Development

Internal circuit

The circuit behind the shirt is very simple. Using a voltage divider circuit connecting the conductive rubber. The sensor that is grabbing the data is this circuit is the conductive rubber.

Waterproof Casing

The circuit is covered with water resistant material.


Main code 

The main part of the code are within these two functions. When you inhale the tracks the resistance and stores the highest value. When you exhale the resistance will store the lowest value. It will only record one breath when you change from inhaling to exhaling.

Full code found here

Working Prototype